CHIP Building

This revolutionary new CHIP Building located on the LindenPointe Innovative Business in western Pennsylvania is a top location for Businesses with a futuristic outlook. The ‘Flex Facility’ gives a potential owner or leasee adaptability to match their business’s needs to layout office space, conference rooms, or a small scale product management operation within the building. Not only does this opportunity provide workspace, but it comes along with the innovative environment provided by the LindenPointe Innovative Business Campus.

The Penn-Northwest Development Corporation is the contact point for sale or lease information on the CHIP Building at LindenPointe Innovative Business Campus.

Expandable Facility to 20,000 sq. ft. : All utilities : Availability of low-interest financing and incentives

Open Layout

The front section of the CHIP Building holds a reception desk and open floor plan to allow for a unique layout of desk or manufacturing equipment. A small scale sink station and medium conference room complete the outline of the front portion of the facility.

Adaptable Building

The back section of the CHIP Building features high ceilings and and a second story loft for workspace. The building can expand from the current standing 12,700 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft, depending on the owner’s needs.

Multi-Entrance Facility

Within the building, the front and back are divided by a sectioned off hallway containing restrooms and utility closets. This allows for two operations to occur on either side of this hallway by using the separate outdoor entrances.

Contact Information

For more information contact:

Penn-Northwest Development Corporation
39 Chestnut Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146
(724) 662-3705 |